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Rugby Union World CupIf you love playing or watching full-contact ball sports, perhaps you are an ultimate fan of rugby league. Undoubtedly, this is the most flowing and fastest of all the ball sports. For those who are rugby enthusiast or an armchair fan who choose to kick back rather than knocking other with senseless concerns in front of thousands of screaming supporters, then you probably like to know more and more and be updated with the latest happenings in the sport.

For newbies in the sport, or probably those who wonder how Rugby game started, then here is a snap look of what happened before that pave way to the foundation and development of sport.

Rugby Union World Cup History

Even before the official proposal of the tournament, there are already numerous stories related to the development of concepts regarding the said competition. The early attempts happened back in 1980’s where some rugby enthusiasts have suggested the idea of the said tournament to IRB but the organization didn’t really provide much focus on the suggestions.

The first initial argument between the pertinent parties of the sport’s prestigious competition were considered and initiated in 1987, however it is in 1983 when the Rugby associations in New Zealand and Australia handed in the proposals to IRFB or the International Rugby Football Association, the world-governing body for the said sport. Nevertheless, at time of proposal the two countries aren’t really aware the concept they brought.

Unfortunately, both proposals have been rejected but the countries never give up. Instead, they gather their own resources to come up with findings that would convince IRFB which in the end had successfully make the organization consider the proposal. Afterwards, the very first tournament happened. Since 1987, there have been 7 games held in numerous countries (games typically held every after four years) and this year will bring another history in the world of Rugby.

Rugby Union World Cup Winners

• The first rugby tournament was held in year 1987 and hosted by New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand has successfully won over France in scores 29-9
• The second event was held in 1991 where Australia got the place over England with scores 12-6
• Third event happened in 1995. South Africa become the winner with New Zealand as the runner up in scores 15-12
• Fourth event happened in 1999. This tournament was claimed by Australia from its opponent, France with scores 35-12
• Fifth tournament was played in year 2003. England successfully got the place from Australia at scores 20-17
• Sixth game was played in 2007 in which South Africa got its second winning game over England at scores 15-6
• Seventh game was played in 2011. New Zealand successfully won over France for the second time at close score 8-7.

Rugby Union World Cup Venues

All of the tournaments were mostly held in the most dedicated and biggest ground in the world with capacity reaching approximately ten of thousands. The tournament involves many different matches which are usually held in different venues. The 2015 game is held in thirteen different venues, each of which is insured to accommodate supporters as many as possible. Some of which have been already witnessed the rugby battle on the previous tournaments such as the Twickenham Stadium (2015 World Cup Finals Host). The twelve other venues include Villa Park, Stadium MK, St. James Park, Sandy Park, The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Millennium Stadium, Manchester City Stadium, Leichester City Stadium, Kingsholm Stadium, Elland road, Brighton Community Stadium and Wembley Stadium. The 2015 World Cup 13 venues are located across England and Cardiff which serve as the hosts.

Rugby Union World Cup Tickets

Many rugby fanatics are surely have long waiting for this final moment to see another breathtaking rugby competition. With anticipation and excitement building ahead the upcoming 8th Rugby’s significant competition, perhaps many have ask where to buy the tickets. Generally, tickets for this competition can be accessible and be purchased on the official ticketing site. Tickets available may either be for the tournament’s complete matches or just for some of the game and all of this have varying prices. Aside from official ticketing site, tickets are also available from numerous approved ticket outlets, just make sure you verify the genuineness of the ticketing site.

Rugby Union World Cup

The developments of this extreme ball game have catch the interest and eyes of numerous ball sports fanatic all over the world. Numerous different international top teams compete for the title or the William Webb Ellis Cup. Through time the competition become fiercer, with players becomes much more prepared than ever. The recent game, where twenty nations participated and will be competing in six weeks, portrayed much intense competition. Nevertheless, whatever the results may be and whoever wins, this 2015 game will surely mark another achievement in the field of rugby.